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MIP Markets - Jul 21 2014 12:11:12
21st Century Fox plans to create a joint venture with fund manager Apollo Global Management that would house a combined group of Endemol, Shine and CORE Media. Fox, Apollo plan to merge three major global production companies Move would bring Big Brother, MasterChef and Idol franchises together for first time…
sarah hemar - Jul 18 2014 12:51:38
Xbox Entertainment Studios closes down and here's the reason why.
sarah hemar - Jul 18 2014 12:41:49
A new research study finds that people who binge-watch TV programming may not be all that opposed to the occasional ad.
sarah hemar - Jul 17 2014 17:03:44
The shockwaves from the news that Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox recently approached Time Warner (and was rebuffed) about an $80 billion takeover are still rippling through New York's media scene today. And the early consensus among analysts and media observers is that a big part of the rationale behind such a deal is Murdoch's desire to...
Source : qz.com
Joanna KIRK - Jul 17 2014 16:12:14
Mark Sweney: $80bn offer could spark fresh consolidation, as traditional media face competition from Netflix, Google, Amazon and Apple
sarah hemar - Jul 16 2014 14:37:42
New Mobile video app Sympler makes Video creation and remixing easy as 1 2 3.
Joanna KIRK - Jul 15 2014 11:11:31
The total turnover in the German video-on-demand (VOD) market will rise to around €750 million by 2019. With a yearly growth of around 50%, subscription offerings (S-VOD) will record the strongest ...
MIP Markets - Jul 15 2014 10:17:12
The final World Cup match was the biggest social event ever for Facebook.
Source : cnbc.com
sarah hemar - Jul 11 2014 16:01:26
"Feels So Good," a Vuguru feature film following a virgin teenage boy's quest to get laid, is out today on Hulu.
Joanna KIRK - Jul 11 2014 14:13:17
The online video ad market is growing faster than search, desktop display, and TV advertising.
Joanna KIRK - Jul 10 2014 12:29:23
Orange is launching its own HDMI dongle called Orangecast offering a multitude of OTT services. Modelled on Google's Chromecast, the dongle will offer access to the VOD service of Orange Cinema Ser...
MIP Markets - Jul 08 2014 17:07:36
A new report from the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau says that millennials, women 18-24 in particular, are not cutting the cord as quickly as previously thought.
Source : adweek.com
MIP Markets - Jul 28 2014 18:24:36
Crazy with a chance of sharknadoes: changes in the TV business and social media mean that insanity is a good ratings strategy.
Source : time.com
MIP Markets - Jul 21 2014 12:14:36
Maker of Skins and Midsomer Murders bought by US media giants after an attempt to sell in 2011 failed. By Mark Sweney
sarah hemar - Jul 18 2014 13:56:44
Comcast tells Ars why it's not to blame in Netflix fight—it was only business.
sarah hemar - Jul 18 2014 12:50:59
Xbox Entertainment Studios to give rights back to content owners.
sarah hemar - Jul 17 2014 17:10:37
"Follow Me," an original documentary series produced by Fullscreen for AOL On will debut on July 29. Here's the cast of YouTubers it will follow...
sarah hemar - Jul 17 2014 17:02:31
Netflix ripped into Comcast, Verizon, and other internet providers in a lengthy document submitted to the US government today. The key issue is whether internet providers should be able to charge content companies such as Netflix for a more direct route to customers. Netflix and other net neutrality advocates argue that these paid "fast lanes," give...
Source : qz.com
sarah hemar - Jul 16 2014 14:38:48
Video-curation service Waywire continues to grow its channel and curator network, and names new COO to oversee future growth.
sarah hemar - Jul 16 2014 13:01:49
An upcoming movie about an assassin that targets YouTube creators, "Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin," will star Shane Dawson, Chester See, & Olga Kay.
sarah hemar - Jul 15 2014 11:03:27
YouTube has approached Hollywood producers, agencies, and YouTube-native creators to produce original content for the site.
Joanna KIRK - Jul 11 2014 18:50:32
Few industries are changing quite so profoundly as a result of technological advance than TV – where tech innovation is changing both the way we consume TV content, the content itself – and the industry overall. We spent the afternoon with some of the
sarah hemar - Jul 11 2014 16:00:47
Machinima fills gaming niche on Twitch, which director of Live and eSports at Machinima, Lester Chen, explained to list daily.
Joanna KIRK - Jul 11 2014 12:41:31
A court in Hassalt ruled that the cloud TV service Bhaalu is legal and may continue offering its services. M7 had sued Right Brain Interface, the company behind Bhaalu, for illegal use of the broad...
Joanna KIRK - Jul 10 2014 10:23:10
The BBC will outsource the making of hundreds of millions of pounds’ worth of TV programmes to commercial producers to save money
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