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sarah hemar - Sep 28 2015 09:54:51
Netflix has revealed the episodes for individual shows for which 70% of viewers who watch the episode return to binge watch the entire season.
MIP Markets - Sep 25 2015 09:44:43
Fox International Channels (FIC) is taking a further move towards becoming a truly worldwide network with the launch of Fox Media, a global sales platform designed to be a one-stop, cross-media service for ad sales and sponsorships.
sarah hemar - Sep 23 2015 17:38:22
As novelist William Gibson once said, the future is already here; it's just not evenly distributed. Consider that in the U.S., revenue from the top 10 video streaming apps more than tripled during the year ending in July, driven by HBO Now, Netflix and Hulu. And in early September, Apple CEO Tim Cook made it official, proclaiming in support of...
sarah hemar - Sep 22 2015 11:12:33
Fullscreen has officially confirmed it will launch its own premium streaming video-on-demand service sometime in the near future.
MIP Markets - Sep 16 2015 16:35:41
London-based digital ad tech company Unruly, which sells video ad tech including services to track and step up engagement, is to be acquired by media..
sarah hemar - Sep 14 2015 13:36:42
Periscope may be the next frontier in the agency world’s ongoing gold rush for digital talent.
sarah hemar - Sep 07 2015 09:54:34
Snapchat has just reached an impressive milestone: the ephemeral messaging app now boasts four billion video views per day.
sarah hemar - Sep 07 2015 09:50:49
Verizon Communications Inc.’s AOL Inc. agreed to buy ad technology company Millennial Media Inc. for about $250 million, giving it another tool as it mounts a challenge to Google Inc. in mobile advertising.
sarah hemar - Sep 03 2015 14:25:12
Does anyone believe that Apple can make the iPhone of TV shows?
Source : vulture.com
sarah hemar - Sep 02 2015 10:55:50
Creators like CaptainSparklez, Luzu y Lana, and EvanTubeHD will participate in Disney XD by Maker, a talent search initiative from Disney and Maker Studios.
sarah hemar - Oct 01 2015 11:09:26
YouTube has announced a change that will bring its shoppable video format to all users who wish to use the card-based buying and annotation platform.
sarah hemar - Sep 29 2015 12:08:02
In an effort to woo TV advertisers, Facebook has launched a new metric which will allow them to plan their Facebook campaigns alongside their TV buys.
Source : digiday.com
MIP Markets - Sep 26 2015 15:30:01
The BBC's iPlayer app, which you can use to stream or download shows that have aired recently, has been a handy tool for parents.
Yassia Fekir - Sep 24 2015 10:27:57
The way you experience YouTube may be dramatically different before the end of the year. According to multiple sources, the world’s largest video-sharing site is preparing to launch its two...
sarah hemar - Sep 22 2015 19:03:21
Hollywood is ramping up on VR in the months before Oculus and other hardware hits the market.
MIP Markets - Sep 18 2015 14:42:00
Millennials are watching less TV. Jan Rezab talks about the swift to online video and what it means to content creators. Subscribe here ► https://goo.gl/B2DEr0
Source : youtube.com
MIP Markets - Sep 15 2015 14:35:15
Kim Kardashian West, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner are now offering fans an even deeper glimpse into their lives by way of new personal media apps and websites, which launched t...
Source : variety.com
sarah hemar - Sep 10 2015 12:01:13
BroadbandTV is teaming up with YouTube to build a multi-platform kids content network that could be the digital Disney
sarah hemar - Sep 08 2015 18:06:47
Popcorn Time, the piracy service that has put Hollywood in emergency mode, started in Buenos Aires, in Federico Abad's (29) bedroom.
Source : dn.no
sarah hemar - Sep 07 2015 09:52:32
This report looks at the rapidly changing consumer habits and expectations such as the increase of on demand video viewing as well as growing importance of anywhere access.
The TV landscape is changing. New TV and media services are enabling consumers to decide what they want to watch and combine their own pick-and-mix solutions. This disruption puts the empowered user at the center. To remain relevant, service providers need to remain on their toes.
sarah hemar - Sep 07 2015 09:49:15
For as long as the idea of the 'mobile internet' has been around, we've
thought of it as a cut-down subset of the 'real' Internet. It's time to
invert that - to think about mobile as the real internet and the desktop as
the limited, cut-down version. 
sarah hemar - Sep 03 2015 14:24:47
When “Game Shakers” debuts on Nickelodeon on Sept. 12, the sitcom might seem like more of the same from the kids’ network. It comes from Dan Schneider, the creator of past Nick franchises like “iCa...
Source : variety.com
sarah hemar - Sep 02 2015 15:39:31
The only Indian show worth watching is available on YouTube.
Source : qz.com
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