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MIP Markets - Jul 27 2015 15:37:47
Mobile live-streaming apps will usher in a new era of appointment viewingand potentially revolutionize the media business itself.
sarah hemar - Jul 23 2015 17:14:53
When John and Hank Green hosted their first VidCon in 2010, the conference had just 1,400 attendees at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. It was such a homegrown event that an L.A. Times story from that summer describes it as “less slick Hollywood and more of a cross between a comic book convention and summer camp.”
sarah hemar - Jul 23 2015 10:20:38
The cast of PJ Liguori's 'Oscar's Hotel for Fantastical Creatures' will include YouTube stars, Hollywood actors, and Jim Henson Company creations.
sarah hemar - Jul 22 2015 12:19:01
Like other digital networks, Tastemade distributes across multiple platforms. But unlike other networks, it approaches a few big platforms differently.
Source : digiday.com
sarah hemar - Jul 21 2015 11:05:24
Ownership is based on the concept of scarcity – with music, TV and movies available whenever you want, have our media become devalued?
sarah hemar - Jul 20 2015 11:52:51
Guest columnist Peter Csathy gives his review of presentations by Jukin Media, MiTu, Epoxy, Victorious, Thirty Labs and others.
sarah hemar - Jul 17 2015 12:30:56
Walk down a dingy alley in one of San Francisco's revitalized neighborhoods south of Market Street, step through a garage door and past rows of engineers furiously coding and you'll find Jason Kilar at his standing desk. The former Hulu CEO's ambitious, Greylock and Benchmark Capital-backed startup Vessel, which he launched in March with former Hulu chief technology officer Richard...
sarah hemar - Jul 15 2015 17:19:43
Waves of disruption The TV industry is constantly going through change. Focusing just on the last twenty years or so, we've seen several waves of
sarah hemar - Jul 15 2015 11:19:44
YouTube CO Susan Wojcicki discussed Facebook videos, YouTube Music Key, and mobile viewership during a conversation at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech event.
MIP Markets - Jul 14 2015 11:35:01
French drama series are attracting the type of attention that made Israel and Scandinavia so hot, largely thanks to Canal+’s originals. But has local fare really changed, asks Pascale Paoli-Lebailly “We still are at the beginning of the French wave of drama series and primetime drama,” says Pascal Breton, founder…
sarah hemar - Jul 10 2015 17:05:40
sarah hemar - Jul 10 2015 15:10:25
The House of Mouse's accelerator program has placed bets on a company that wants to help you to talk to characters, bionic hands and EEG experiments.
MIP Markets - Jul 31 2015 14:59:30
Comcast-owned company also eyeing an investment in Vox media
Source : thewrap.com
MIP Markets - Jul 24 2015 15:38:48
When Netflix’s 60 million subscribers log in to the streaming video service, their home page is populated with TV show and movie recommendations. The recommendations are key to Netflix’s success, as they drive two out of every three hours of video streamed.   The user’s home page “is where all our algorithms for recommending TV …
MIP Markets - Jul 23 2015 16:39:08
Variety ranked the top 12 stars in the digital world as part of its #Famechangers issue. For more of the rankings, click here. Every time Felix Kjellberg sinks into his leather swivel chair and put...
Source : variety.com
sarah hemar - Jul 22 2015 12:20:01
An interplanetary romance is fodder for the South Korean television drama “My Love From Another Star,” which is a hit in China, the world’s largest streaming market.
Source : nytimes.com
sarah hemar - Jul 22 2015 10:21:01
“Good story, in the end, is all that matters” is a quote we hear from our peers frequently. What’s often overlooked, however, is that the digital space has the same anatomy found in the films and TV series that Hollywood has been producing for decades. So why has it taken this long to recognize that a magnificent piece …
sarah hemar - Jul 21 2015 10:49:14
BuzzFeed’s massive success in video is unquestionable. Currently, the video offshoot of the incredibly popular site dedicated to listicles, animated GIFs, and hard news is generating over 250,000,000 views a month on YouTube alone, and that's just on its flagship BuzzFeedVideo channel. If you add up the monthly views from BuzzFeed's rainbow of brother and sister channels (including Blue, Yellow, Violet, Pop), that viewership number jumps up to more than half-a-billion. And again, that's just on
sarah hemar - Jul 20 2015 11:50:09
MTV is trying to reinvent itself, as it has several times in the past.
sarah hemar - Jul 15 2015 11:21:33
Legendary has released 360-degree videos on Google Cardboard devices and YouTube that supports its films 'Warcraft,' 'Crimson Peak,' and 'Pacific Rim.'
MIP Markets - Jul 15 2015 10:26:12
Verizon* announced this morning that it will be adding Vice Media to the list of partners that provide content for the telco's forthcoming over-the-top video..
sarah hemar - Jul 10 2015 17:04:24
European broadcast giant Modern Times Group (MTG) has increased its stake in Scandinavian multi-channel network (MCN) Splay to take a majori
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