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sarah hemar - Jul 03 2015 10:22:58
People in the United States watch just under 5 hours of TV every day, while people in the UK watch just under 4 hours of TV daily, according to the generally accepted research on traditional, linear TV viewing from Nielsen in the US and BARB in the UK.
Source : redef.com
MIP Markets - Jul 03 2015 10:13:44
comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a global leader in digital media analytics, today released data from the comScore Video Metrix® service showing that 192.9 million Americans watched online content videos via desktop computer in May 2015. Google Sites ranked as the top video content property, BrightRoll Platform was the top video ad property, and VEVO topped the list of YouTube partner channels.
sarah hemar - Jul 02 2015 16:43:37
Roddenberry Entertainment has parntered with Immersive Media on Roddenberry 360, which is releasing its first, 360-degree video on mobile in August.
sarah hemar - Jul 02 2015 13:55:54
There are a few key differences between Facebook and YouTube's revenue sharing plans.
Source : recode.net
MIP Markets - Jul 01 2015 17:29:49
According to a study by SNL Kagan, the revenue of Pay TV business continues to grow in key markets along Europe making them more and more attractive for US programmers facing increasing costs in home markets. 
sarah hemar - Jul 01 2015 11:25:27
The French media giant plans to expand the YouTube competitor's global presence, potentially in collaboration with companies it has a financial interest in, such as Vevo and German film/TV streaming service Watchever,
MIP Markets - Jun 30 2015 17:53:53
Nielsen's latest audience report says traditional TV still beats mobile video by a landslide, but the numbers are a little fishy
Source : fortune.com
sarah hemar - Jun 23 2015 16:17:40
This story originally appeared on Contagious I/O, our customisable research platform featuring the world’s most innovative, creative and effective ad campaigns
sarah hemar - Jun 23 2015 15:37:05
At E3 2015 last week, several companies made pitches for their vision of VR. Here is how it all stands at the cusp of VR's maturation.
MIP Markets - Jun 23 2015 11:43:41
Evan Spiegel released a zero-fun informercial about Snapchat's ads today, extolling the virtues of "3V: vertical video views" in a way that would bore most of..
sarah hemar - Jun 23 2015 09:46:21
Twitch has announced its creator-focused Top Broadcaster Program which will celebrate some of its most well-deserved broadcasters.
sarah hemar - Jun 19 2015 14:15:48
The network is in the middle of a creative renaissance — and a business-model crisis.
Source : nytimes.com
MIP Markets - Jul 03 2015 10:38:42
Ofcom finds younger people are turning to BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Netflix, and using Facebook, Google and Twitter for news
sarah hemar - Jul 03 2015 10:23:53
A half-dozen security guards stand watch outside the Vibrato Grill Jazz, a supper club in Los Angeles, as a stream of black SUVs, Bentleys, and Teslas pull up to the valet parking stand. It's a clear May evening, and a handful of journalists and paparazzi loiter in the vicinity, hoping to witness an increasingly rare sight: Sumner Redstone in the wild.
Source : redef.com
sarah hemar - Jul 03 2015 10:21:07
At the vanguard of the coming virtual reality revolution, we know that movies won't be far behind games. But movie makers need tools. To help the cause, Jaunt just unveiled one of the most powerful yet: The Neo VR camera, built from the ground up as a bespoke 360-degree camera.
Source : redef.com
sarah hemar - Jul 02 2015 16:45:58
Pluto TV, an OTT service, is adding Hulu and Shout TV to its growing list of channels
sarah hemar - Jul 02 2015 16:39:44
Former Vevo Chief Rio Caraeff Makes 'Magic Leap' as Chief Content Officer...
MIP Markets - Jul 02 2015 11:38:06
Facebook has seen video consumption across its service explode in recent years, leaving many to question how it plans to extract revenue from all that user attention. TV-like commercial breaks could be the answer.
sarah hemar - Jul 01 2015 15:03:40
She did more than anyone else to invent the Internet news business. After a decade, despite setbacks, she is still setting the pace.
Source : nytimes.com
MIP Markets - Jul 01 2015 09:52:14
The long-running saga of who would become the new owner of online video site Dailymotion has finally come to an end. Vivendi has announced that it's acquired..
sarah hemar - Jun 23 2015 16:25:05
Can virtual reality be funny? Today at Cannes Lions, CBS Interactive hopes to find out. The company is debuting what it believes to be the first virtual reality comedy short during a private event.
Source : adweek.com
sarah hemar - Jun 23 2015 16:01:58
Sir Martin Sorrell’s marketing services group joins newspaper and tech company in new venture that aims to work across media and ad industry
sarah hemar - Jun 23 2015 13:55:12
The true believers say virtual reality will change computing forever. But there's still reason to be wary of the hype.
Source : recode.net
MIP Markets - Jun 23 2015 10:15:26
Popcorn Time is starting a revolution.
sarah hemar - Jun 22 2015 11:05:55
Dish Network’s web-based pay-TV service, Sling TV, has added another channel from Disney’s Maker Studios.
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