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MIP Markets - Nov 20 2014 15:52:46
Netflix and YouTube still account for a third of the Internet during prime time. But Amazon is making a move.
Source : recode.net
MIP Markets - Nov 19 2014 15:24:48
In December of 2012, Flurry released an analysis on the rapid growth of time spent inside mobile applications. In a post titled “Mobile apps: We Interrupt This Broadcast” we talked about how mobile and its apps have put the desktop web in their rearview mirror and set their sights on television.
Source : flurry.com
Twitter search for documentaries - Nov 17 2014 12:36:10
In a remote Costa Rican village, a group of female entrepreneurs known as the Asomobi (Asociación de Mujeres Organizadas de Biolley) has created a sustainable coffee production business.
Source : adweek.com
MIP Markets - Nov 12 2014 15:45:01
The overnight success of John Lewis' 2014 Christmas ad video looks as though it was largely due to Facebook.
sarah hemar - Nov 06 2014 12:08:44
Viddy, the 30-second video app purchased by Fullscreen, is retiring from the App Store and Google Play...in the name of another venture...?
sarah hemar - Nov 05 2014 11:19:18
GoPro Hires Zander Lurie to Build a Media Business

Sahil Patel / Nov 4, 2014

GoPro is one of the most prolific brands on YouTube — and it’s easy to see why. The cameras the company sells are used to create some really cool videos, like this one, this one, and this one.

Now the company is interested in leveraging its status as an “enabler” of content in order to build a viable media business. Tasked with leading this directive is veteran media executive Zander Lurie, who has been hired as GoPro’s first senior vice president of media, effective immediately.

In the role, Lurie will lead strategy on the creation, curation, and distribution of the “world class” content that’s now “synonymous with GoPro,” the company said.

“We have high aspirations for the next chapter of our content story and Zander is an experienced media leader who will help us expand both our production and programming capabilities,” said GoPro president Tony Bates, who Lurie will report to, in a statement.

Lurie is well versed in digital and traditional media. Most recently, he served as an EVP at Guggenheim Digital Media under then-CEO Ross Levinsohn. Guggenheim Partners control a portfolio that’s valued at more than $160 billion. Properties include Dick Clark Productions, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and The Hollywood Reporter. Prior to Guggenheim, Lurie was an executive at CBS Corp. and CNET.

While the provider of a product that others use to create snazzy videos, GoPro also fashions itself as a content creator. The brand’s YouTube presence is anchored by a channel that has more than 2.4 million subscribers. In a brand/media environment that’s constantly trying to replicate Red Bull, GoPro is the most likely to achieve that kind of success and stature. It’s now up to Lurie to make that happen.
MIP Markets - Nov 04 2014 14:04:01
The virtual reality of our sci-fi dreams is finally coming to life.
sarah hemar - Oct 31 2014 12:26:09
As billionaire Jack Ma browses Hollywood for movies and TV shows, he may discover that part of what he needs is actually in his backyard.
sarah hemar - Oct 30 2014 10:57:46
Richie Rich is coming to Netflix, thanks to a new series from AwesomenessTV.
sarah hemar - Oct 29 2014 11:36:15
Endemol China and Youku Tudou have partnered to launch popular, global reality show "Big Brother" in China.
MIP Markets - Oct 29 2014 10:20:38
Broadcasters should no longer consider themselves broadcasters but instead focus on their role as content producers for a varying range...
Source : thedrum.com
MIP Markets - Oct 28 2014 10:47:30
YouTube's mobile usage is on the rise.
Source : recode.net
MIP Markets - Nov 21 2014 15:11:16
TV trade bodies have released data showing just how much TV is evolving with multiscreen and social TV presenting large opportunities for advertisers.
sarah hemar - Nov 20 2014 18:31:30
Online video service Pluto TV has raised $13 million in a Series A round led by US Venture Partners.
MIP Markets - Nov 20 2014 09:50:01

The WSJ reported last night that next month Nielsen will begin measuring viewership of programs on Netflix and Amazon. This would represent the first time that any sort of granular viewing data by program would be available, offering potentially huge benefits to the ecosystem. According to the WSJ, Nielsen will use its people meters to analyze the audio components of programs. A key caveat is that mobile viewing would not yet be measured. 

MIP Markets - Nov 19 2014 10:47:21
For Netflix, the concept of personalization doesn’t just apply to what movies or television shows tickle your fancy; it also applies to the way you watch video, especially as it pertains to your mobile device.
Source : gigaom.com
Joanna KIRK - Nov 14 2014 15:38:06
Sony is trying its hand broadcast television with a new cloud-based service called PlayStation Vue.
MIP Markets - Nov 10 2014 16:14:50
How many do you know?
MIP Markets - Nov 05 2014 15:27:21
The original teen Vine stars are growing up and moving on. Will they take Vine’s user base with them?
Source : gigaom.com
sarah hemar - Nov 04 2014 14:43:17
The Young Turks has amassed a massive YouTube following while others with bigger budgets have stumbled. Its founder told Digiday how.
Source : digiday.com
MIP Markets - Nov 04 2014 10:02:42
Change happens much the way Ernest Hemingway described the onset of bankruptcy in The Sun Also Rises: gradually and then suddenly. The forces that would break TV built up little by little for decades. Now comes the suddenly part. 
sarah hemar - Oct 30 2014 12:34:41
While many former studio heads fail when striking out on their own, Mr. Chernin has found success as an independent producer, with seven hits in a row.
Source : nytimes.com
sarah hemar - Oct 29 2014 11:40:18
Whistle Sports, a sports-focused digital media company and YouTube MCN, has raised $7 million from BSkyB, and will work with the broadcaster on new content.
sarah hemar - Oct 29 2014 11:35:24
Select films from Cinedigm, starting with the latest "My Little Pony" release, will be available for purchase on Vimeo on an ongoing basis.
MIP Markets - Oct 28 2014 16:41:22
The man famous for street-prank Vines says he refused a seven-figure advertising deal to stay true to his ideals and travel the world .
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