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MIP Markets - Jan 22 2015 14:06:41
The network allows viewers to rent or buy titles directly on a partner's site
Source : thewrap.com
MIP Markets - Jan 21 2015 10:26:51
An unidentified individual or group responsible for uploading videos that simply show a woman opening Disney toys made an estimated $4.9 million last year, more than any other channel for 2014, according to OpenSlate, a video analytics platform that analyzes ad-supported content on YouTube.
Source : fusion.net
MIP Markets - Jan 20 2015 10:43:44
Headed by Ted Hope, Amazon Original Movies will make up to 12 films a year, releasing them online 4 to 8 weeks after a theatrical run.
MIP Markets - Jan 16 2015 15:03:24
Gamer ruled the roost on YouTube ahead of DC Toys Collector and Katy Perry, as year-end stats reveal popularity of games, music and children’s channels
MIP Markets - Jan 15 2015 16:40:01
“The model as we all have known, it is changing,” A+E's chief revenue officer tells TheWrap
Source : thewrap.com
MIP Markets - Jan 13 2015 17:34:01
"I don’t know how I got into this."
sarah hemar - Jan 07 2015 11:38:03
Top digital executives share which trends to watch in 2015.
Source : variety.com
MIP Markets - Jan 06 2015 15:46:36
LONDON -- The U.K. and Canada based film and TV company Entertainment One has acquired a 51% stake in The Mark Gordon Company, the production outfit behind “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Saving Private Ryan...
Source : variety.com
MIP Markets - Jan 06 2015 10:11:44
Twitter's not the only one Facebook is battling for control of news and content distribution. With Pages getting quieted down in the feed, Facebook wants to..
MIP Markets - Jan 02 2015 10:58:14
With the convergence of second-screen adoption and the abundance of real-time news consumption via social channels, the broadcast landscape underwent a major transformation in 2014, and will continue
to do so in 2015. One thing that has become clear: Viewers have begun to demand highly customized experiences that meet their individual needs.
MIP Markets - Dec 23 2014 17:07:19
Television advertising has been a pretty conservative marketplace: You buy Nielsen ratings, you make 30-second advertisements and sometimes you buy product placement. But the sudden ascent of non-Nielsen-rated content has created a gaping void in the measurement world.
Source : adweek.com
MIP Markets - Dec 23 2014 16:34:15
According to the latest comScore data, Google/YouTube remain at the top of the US video charts, but AOL and Facebook are getting close.
MIP Markets - Jan 26 2015 15:30:30
The directors Chris Milk and Spike Jonze, in partnership with Vice News, have created an eight-minute virtual-reality experience that catapults audiences into the center of the Millions March protest in New York in December.
Source : nytimes.com
MIP Markets - Jan 22 2015 17:54:15

 Netflix aims to debut as many as 20 original series per year, said Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos at NATPE in Miami on Wednesday.

sarah hemar - Jan 21 2015 11:16:11
Again, YouTube plans to fund some of its top creators, hoping to keep them on board in light of competition from the likes of Vessel and Facebook.
MIP Markets - Jan 20 2015 22:40:44
In the first of a series of articles exploring the complexities surrounding the changing programming landscape, we'll provide an overview of the seven dynamics that are transforming TV.
MIP Markets - Jan 19 2015 10:18:08
With apologies to Netflix and Showtime, this is a two-network race.
MIP Markets - Jan 16 2015 01:04:54
Vimeo and Maker Studios are announcing a partnership that will bring new videos from the Disney-acquired content network (that's Maker Studios) to the..
MIP Markets - Jan 15 2015 09:10:29
There's always been a healthy debate on Wall Street over the long-term viability of Netflix, but on one factor there's clear consensus: There is no more important metric than the streaming service'...
Source : variety.com
sarah hemar - Jan 07 2015 11:23:25
The website’s guide to attracting and sustaining audiences should be applied to all content marketing. But it’s nothing new, says Jon Wilks
MIP Markets - Jan 06 2015 11:03:17
The five most important online video deals and trends in 2014, and what they mean for the industry in 2015.
MIP Markets - Jan 05 2015 14:42:37
If you're looking for a more interactive experience from your favorite TV shows, a company called Cognitive Networks is working to make it happen...
MIP Markets - Dec 25 2014 15:26:01
Facebook and the NFL have partnered to start distributing video clips on the social network along with video ads.
MIP Markets - Dec 23 2014 16:36:25
DirecTV Dec. 22 formally launched “Yaveo,” a subscription video service aimed at Latinos outside of the traditional pay-TV ecosystem.
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