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sarah hemar - Dec 22 2014 10:01:10
Digiday turned to a group of Web video executives, analysts and stars to assess the prospects of Vessel.
Source : digiday.com
sarah hemar - Dec 22 2014 09:58:20
The site is a huge cultural force, but an unfulfilled economic one. Susan Wojcicki’s mission is to change that.
Source : nytimes.com
sarah hemar - Dec 22 2014 09:57:47
Four years ago, an account named "PewDiePie" uploaded a video to YouTube. It was about Minecraft. The video featured what sounded like a young man laughing heartily at an unlucky zombie that had gotten stuck in a tree. The commentary wasn't in English—it was in Swedish.
Source : kotaku.com
sarah hemar - Dec 05 2014 14:54:59
Google Confirms Plans for Kid-Friendly YouTube, Chrome

Sahil Patel / Dec 4, 2014

Google is moving forward with its plans to launch kid-friendly versions of some of its most popular products, including Chrome and YouTube.

In an interview with USA Today, Google’s VP of engineering Pavni Diwanji, who’s in charge of the effort, explained the company’s desire to launch versions of its most popular products that could be used by children 12 and under. “The big motivator inside the company is everyone is having kids, so there’s a push to change our products to be fun and safe for children,” she said.

That said, Diwanji did not provide specific information regarding how the kids’ services would function, or even when they might be released. USA Today described that it’s a “full-time effort” that includes testing beta versions with kids at Google’s offices.

While obvious why Google would want to create kids’ versions of Chrome and YouTube (a lot of kids probably use them!), it might not happen without controversy. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act requires internet companies to get consent from parents before collecting any sort of information on children under 13. And Google, like other web giants with large advertising businesses, has had its fair share of hiccups when it comes to issues related to privacy and collecting user information.

That said, the company seems to be cognizant about creating a product that parents would approve of. Currently, it’s testing ways in which parents can control the user experience on such services, including setting time limits.

News of Google’s plans for a kids’ version of YouTube was first reported by The Information last summer. While Diwanji is overseeing the entire initiative, longtime YouTube executive Malik Ducard, who was put in charge of the site’s kids and learning division earlier this year, is leading work on the YouTube product.
sarah hemar - Dec 04 2014 14:42:41
Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe, when I worked for him 20 years ago, taught me that we tend to over-estimate change in the short term and under-estimate it in the long term. So it can be pretty obvious what is coming but not at all obvious when. And what we know about the when of it is that making money from new technologies is often a matter of investing right before that bend upward in the hockey stick of exponential change.
sarah hemar - Dec 02 2014 10:01:07
This guest post is part of a series from the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications  Captivate project, which presents insights from media industry thought leaders on new strategies for audience engagement.
Source : pbs.org
Joanna KIRK - Nov 28 2014 11:19:30
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings claims Nielsen's rating system is "irrelevant" and broadcast television will be extinct in less than 20 years.
MIP Markets - Nov 26 2014 16:45:31
Cesc Fàbregas, Thierry Henry and Robin van Persie among top sports stars to join funding round for London based start-up
sarah hemar - Nov 25 2014 14:36:03
An in-depth look at how BuzzFeed is leadingthe industry’s trends in social, mobile, and video.
sarah hemar - Nov 25 2014 14:07:47
What is television? It seems a fair and timely question to ask, now that it's coming at us from so many angles, on so many platforms, from so many producers.
Source : latimes.com
MIP Markets - Nov 21 2014 15:11:16
TV trade bodies have released data showing just how much TV is evolving with multiscreen and social TV presenting large opportunities for advertisers.
sarah hemar - Dec 22 2014 10:11:40
Womenomic Luxury, Cognitive Technology, New Wave Boomer Beauty—just a few items from our Future 100 list of what’s next in the year ahead. It’s a wide-ranging …
sarah hemar - Dec 22 2014 10:01:37
Learn more about NYC Media Lab: www.nycmedialab.org. The media consumption experience is poised to transform, and fast. Technologies that have been tinkered ...
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sarah hemar - Dec 22 2014 09:58:33
The Colbert Report has reflected the media, but also helped to shape it, especially on the internet.
Source : medium.com
sarah hemar - Dec 22 2014 09:58:05
Google Cardboard enables its wearer to use a smartphone to enter the world of virtual reality. This week we got the chance to speak with Google's Andrew
sarah hemar - Dec 11 2014 11:25:22
An issue in the UK about Oreo's use of native advertising, as it pertains to working with YouTubers, has ramifications for MCNs and creators in the US.
sarah hemar - Dec 04 2014 15:07:16
Nielsen's "Total Audience Report" shows that traditional TV viewing is going down, while watching on the internet is making a big leap, percentage-wise.
sarah hemar - Dec 02 2014 10:01:58
Vox Media has closed a financing round that values the company at almost $400 million, and BuzzFeed is valued at twice that level — but will the funds that made these bets see enough of a return to justify those numbers?
Source : gigaom.com
sarah hemar - Nov 28 2014 17:17:54
Television needs to stop cribbing from the Internet and start making content the Internet loves.
sarah hemar - Nov 27 2014 15:07:57
BitTorrent Goes Legit With Its First Original Web Series Tries to change perception as an illegal downloading service By Michelle Castillo
November 26, 2014, 7:30 AM ESTTechnology
Peer-to-peer file sharing platform BitTorrent wants to change what the public thinks it does. Instead of being associated with all the illegal TV shows, movies and illicit content it can store, the tech company wants to be seen as a provider of premium legal content.
Next fall, BitTorrent will distribute its first original Web series, Children of the Machine. The series is helmed by Marco Weber (producer of Igby Goes Down and The Thirteenth Floor) and takes place in the year 2031, in a futuristic society where androids take over and force humans to band together to survive. And, if you're interested, the only place to get it is to download it via a BitTorrent Bundle, a service that allows artists to release content directly to consumers. 
"This is a science fiction show catered to the typical tech-savvy, male-dominated audience," Weber said. "We're not trying to launch a romantic comedy, so the concept of this show moved us toward BitTorrent."

Currently, BitTorrent has more than 170 million users around the world, the majority of whom are male. Over 2 million legally licensed pieces of content are available via BitTorrent, often through the Bundle program. Artists who opt into the Bundle program get 90 percent of the sales revenue, as well as data on those who downloaded their content. Tom Yorke released his album Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, and electronic music superstar Diplo dropped Mad Descent Block Party and F10rida through this program.
Weber said he chose to release his show with BitTorrent because the site's users are his target demographic, which means a built-in audience for him and his future advertisers. The pilot and an ad-supported version of Children of the Machine will be made available for free download, but those who want to skip ads can pay $4.95 for the eight-episode season or $9.95 for bonus content. Six weeks after the pilot is released, the show will be available all at once, much like the Netflix model. The show has not signed any ad deals yet, but it's in talks with technology industry companies.
"If you put a commercial in a TV pilot, you don't get the audience as focused as you get on BitTorrent," Weber explained. 
BitTorrent PR manager Kevin Fu explained that at its core, the company allows computers to talk to each other and move large data files. While that data can include information from Facebook, Amazon and Blizzard Entertainment, it can also include pirated content from platforms like The Pirate Bay. The very name "BitTorrent" has become linked with illegal downloads, but the company wants to fix that.
"We haven't done a great job over time of owning that brand name," Fu explained. "It's something that we’re working on changing."
Source : adweek.com
MIP Markets - Nov 26 2014 13:56:53
Vloggers who make promo videos without clearly identifying that they've been paid for have been warned by the ASA they must make it clearer to the viewer.
sarah hemar - Nov 25 2014 14:08:09
For over 50 years, there was only a single
Source : nielsen.com
sarah hemar - Nov 25 2014 10:23:05
I am Ben Huh. The LOLcats guy. The story of our new app is one of success, reward, failure and redemption.
Source : medium.com
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