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sarah hemar - Aug 26 2014 09:51:38
Instead of going to Google/YouTube, Twitch might be sold to Amazon, which is in "late-stage" talks, according to a report.
MIP Markets - Aug 25 2014 16:39:26
For years, the popular response to the Emmys from network executives was that they were nice – an ego stroke to the talent, but inconsequential to the bottom line. Sure, there was that period in th...
Source : variety.com
Joanna KIRK - Aug 21 2014 17:37:01
New services from Sky and the BBC show that the web is creeping into TV more than ever. But what does the future hold?
Joanna KIRK - Aug 21 2014 16:36:26
TV Still Dominates World Media Use - 08/21/2014
sarah hemar - Aug 21 2014 15:17:44
Matt Mira reveals the steps on his path from Apple Store to inspiring The Nerdist podcast and writing for Comedy Central hit midnight.
Joanna KIRK - Aug 20 2014 11:56:18
Social TV successes don't happen as often as anyone would like them to, according to a new eMarketer report. Twitter is often the first platform people think of when it comes to social TV, but Facebook is gaining ground, making a stronger pitch to TV networks and their advertisers.
sarah hemar - Aug 19 2014 09:58:43
Bigballs Films, the company behind the popular independent soccer YouTube channel Copa90, has raised multiple millions from veteran TV and media execs.
sarah hemar - Aug 18 2014 11:42:40
Microsoft plans to shut-down Xbox Entertainment Studios -- but that doesn't necessarily spell the end for the unit.
sarah hemar - Aug 18 2014 11:11:21
Pluto.TV, an online video service that functions almost exactly like TV, is now available on the Amazon Fire TV.
MIP Markets - Aug 14 2014 12:02:57
The doors are open, but where are the pitches?
That's the question asked in TV studio and network halls in recent weeks as executives grapple w...
sarah hemar - Aug 13 2014 16:47:24
A six-month report, and a preview of what's to come.
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sarah hemar - Aug 27 2014 11:26:48
Multi-channel networks (MCNs) are the hottest ticket in the online video space -- but why do they matter? What makes them relevant and important?
MIP Markets - Aug 26 2014 17:20:41
Magna Global cut its forecast for U.S. advertising revenue growth this year to 5.1% from 6% on Tuesday, because ad spending the first half of the year was weaker than expected. But the Interpublic-owned media buying and research firm expects the ad  market to bounce back in the second half of the year, and see its strongest growth rate in a decade in 2015.
MIP Markets - Aug 25 2014 21:08:42

The deal for the videogame streaming site will be one of Amazon's largest.

Source : recode.net
sarah hemar - Aug 22 2014 17:22:28
Key & Peele showed the way, and then other shows, including Nathan For You and Broad City, followed.
Source : vox.com
Joanna KIRK - Aug 21 2014 16:37:44
Comcast has found a new bundling model to bring pay TV to the next generation of consumers: The cable giant is delivering an 80-channel package, streamed to computers, tablets and smartphones, for ...
Source : variety.com
Joanna KIRK - Aug 21 2014 16:24:05
Walt Disney Company Signs Multiplatform Distribution Deal with Mediacom
sarah hemar - Aug 21 2014 14:16:12
Nonny de la Pena creates immersive journalism experience using gaming platforms and virtual reality
Source : wired.co.uk
Joanna KIRK - Aug 20 2014 12:00:07
Anthony Rose, co-founder and CTO of Beamly, talks about the app that is changing the way we watch TV
Joanna KIRK - Aug 20 2014 11:33:47
Study: Advertisers Can’t Spend on TV Alone Anymore
MIP Markets - Aug 18 2014 16:36:48
For the first time ever, cable providers are selling more broadband subscriptions than video subscriptions.
Source : recode.net
sarah hemar - Aug 18 2014 11:12:33
Fanta is teaming up with CollegeHumor to distribute a new comedy series created by and starring Vine stars.
sarah hemar - Aug 14 2014 14:00:49
Yahoo has been rebuilding its research focus, and now a 250-person strong Yahoo Labs is trying to build the future of content. Full of experts in everything from personalization to deep learning, the group wants to make finding and consuming content as easy as possible.
Source : gigaom.com
sarah hemar - Aug 14 2014 11:36:17
As we reveal details of our new property — Best Fiends — today, I wanted to take the opportunity to share why I believe the biggest…
Source : medium.com
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