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sarah hemar - Nov 30 2015 11:33:08
Mode Media mapped out the online video world into a set of warring kingdoms.
Bastiengave - Nov 30 2015 10:03:43
From Marriott to Pepsi, brands are turning to their own teams to produce video. From Campaign US
sarah hemar - Nov 25 2015 12:31:19
The tech industry spent decades trying to get to the TV, but now that it's
finally happening, it turns out not to matter much. 
sarah hemar - Nov 24 2015 10:29:57
Vice released the series 'A Day With' on November 19, 2015, on its female-centric digital network Broadly.
sarah hemar - Nov 23 2015 10:35:33
Female executives and filmmakers are ready to run studios and direct blockbuster pictures. What will it take to dismantle the pervasive sexism that keeps them from doing it?
Source : nytimes.com
sarah hemar - Nov 23 2015 10:17:10
The $99 headset will be followed by the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. But the ecosystem needs much more content to blossom.
Yassia Fekir - Nov 19 2015 13:54:19
The Brooklyn-based media company officially left its alt-monthly origins in the dust.
Source : inc.com
sarah hemar - Nov 18 2015 11:17:03
Digital video vet Amber J. Lawson launches Good Amplified, an MCN dedicated to driving awareness, donor retention and revenue for non-profits via YouTube.
MIP Markets - Nov 12 2015 13:51:27
US pay TV numbers continue to decline, with the smaller operators bearing the brunt of the losses. The overall rate of cord-cutting slowed in the most recent, third, quarter, with a cumulative loss of 393,000 across US pay TV, according to research house Ampere Analysis. That compares with 608,000 in…
sarah hemar - Nov 12 2015 10:24:46
Ariana Grande had a great week on YouTube.
sarah hemar - Nov 10 2015 15:09:05
Cassey Ho has been posting Blogilates videos on YouTube for six years, but more than 50 percent of her subscribers have signed up within the last year and a half. The pilates instructor, who created the POP Pilates workouts, has released her own fitness DVDs and sells a line of activewear geared toward her 2.6 million subscribers. Her fitness routine was even made the official pilates class of 24 Hour Fitness. 
MIP Markets - Nov 09 2015 13:59:45
The number of videos viewed every day on messaging app Snapchat has tripled since May this year
Source : bbc.com
sarah hemar - Dec 01 2015 17:19:04
The Most Contagious 2015 Report, our round up of the key movements, trends, creative work and ideas of the year is available as a free download. Get a free burs
sarah hemar - Dec 01 2015 11:13:48
Viral video purveyor Jukin Media will provide content for Sky Q, a new entertainment service from British broadcaster Sky debuting in early 2016.
sarah hemar - Nov 30 2015 11:06:42
The debate about the validity of eSports as sports misses the point. Like it or not, eSports have millions of passionate viewers and their momentum can no longer be ignored. Given its unique economics, a network looking to build a sports empire need look no further.
Source : redef.com
MIP Markets - Nov 27 2015 10:40:36
If the people at Disney have anything to say about it, the past four decades of Star Wars were merely prologue.
Source : wired.com
sarah hemar - Nov 25 2015 12:29:39
IAC/InterActiveCorp, the hodgepodge of Internet businesses, has come under scrutiny. But today, the numbers tell a different story.
Source : nytimes.com
sarah hemar - Nov 24 2015 10:01:28
Symphony Advanced Media found millennials are more likely to watch their favorite shows on Hulu instead of watching the same show’s episodes live on TV.
Bastiengave - Nov 23 2015 10:25:22
YouTube is working on a translation marketplace tool where creators can order professional translations of their videos.
Bastiengave - Nov 23 2015 10:15:12
YouTube’s management will define its next era, for better or worse.
Bastiengave - Nov 19 2015 12:15:27
Legendary Digital Entertainment acquires the feature length thriller "The Thinning," toplined by Vine star Logan Paul and Disney Channel's Peyton List ("Bunk'd").
Bastiengave - Nov 16 2015 11:22:58
The Fullscreen Films movie 'The Outfield,' starring Vine celebrities Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier, has landed the #1 spot on the iTunes drama movie chart.
sarah hemar - Nov 12 2015 10:25:56
Freddie Wong's RocketJump is coming to China thanks to a deal with Youku Tudou, the Chinese video platform recently acquired by e-commerce giant Alibaba.
sarah hemar - Nov 12 2015 10:14:51
Marriott Content Studio has started production on 'Two Bellmen Two,' starring Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto.
sarah hemar - Nov 10 2015 15:08:39
The Digital Social Contract The Millennials and generation Z together comprise the most engaged, mobile, and enticing consumers of our time, but brands and age…
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