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sarah hemar - May 28 2015 15:31:40
Two decades after 1995, the year of the Netscape IPO, the Internet population has exploded in size, it's much more mobile, and it's increasingly driven by user-created content and flexible content delivery that's controlled by users. But growth is slowing in all but a few key areas.
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MIP Markets media mentions - May 28 2015 14:17:55
A version of this story first appeared in the June 5 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.
sarah hemar - May 26 2015 10:35:28
YouTube just introduced a shoppable ad format dubbed TrueView for Shopping.
sarah hemar - May 22 2015 15:13:45
In a nondescript room in the center of Netflix’s headquarters, you can walk into a small, paper white chamber called the Shu. It’s an homage to the solitary confinement cell in Orange Is The New...
sarah hemar - May 21 2015 10:28:27
A pair of advocacy groups have sent a letter to the FTC in which they claim to have found inappropriate videos for children on the YouTube Kids app.
sarah hemar - May 19 2015 14:16:41
Last month, at an elaborate NewFront party at New York City's Lincoln Center, Yahoo unveiled a spate of new video shows featuring supermodel Naomi Watts, comedian Joel McHale, actress Rosario Dawson, American Idol 's Simon Cowell, and newscaster Katie Couric. The company declared that video was Yahoo's next big growth engine.
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sarah hemar - May 18 2015 11:00:37
The war over our eyeballs is heating up, and that's mostly a good thing for people who like to look at screens.
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sarah hemar - May 18 2015 10:59:58
As he gears up for a presidential run, former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley held a conference call with donors and supporters Thursday night, informing them that he would make some kind of announcement on May 30. He also had a message - and an exclusive photo - for his followers on Snapchat.
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sarah hemar - May 13 2015 14:25:46
What does the Verizon deal mean for AOL? Will Periscope change the PPV game? Reddit on track to be a major video player? That and more in VideoInk Insights.
Amandine Cassi - May 13 2015 12:11:16
Analysts say the bid will turn the telco giant into a vertically integrated company with a massive platform to increase its content distribution.
MIP Markets - May 12 2015 14:49:48
Verizon is buying AOL for $4.4 billion in cash, a deal aimed at advancing the telecom giant’s growth ambitions in mobile video and advertising.
Source : wsj.com
sarah hemar - May 28 2015 15:33:42
HBO has ordered a pilot for “The Gorburger Show,” an online comedy series from Funny or Die that aired for two seasons on YouTube.
sarah hemar - May 28 2015 15:15:41
Linear television networks today face seven key threats that continue to be overlooked, under-addressed or ignored. They don’t all apply to every network (nor are they equally menacing), but as a whole, they’re critical to both understanding and planning for the future of television.
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sarah hemar - May 27 2015 11:24:38
Snapchat has hired former Fox comedy executive Marcus Wiley as its new head of program planning and development for Snap Channel.
sarah hemar - May 22 2015 15:16:10
Spotify really, really wants you to know it's not just an app for streaming music anymore. To prove it, the, er, music-streaming company today announced a slew of new features that will now be accessible within the Spotify app, including video content, podcasts, and even original running music created by Spotify to match your individual running tempo.
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sarah hemar - May 22 2015 10:10:57
Endemol Beyond Launches in Singapore, Where YouTubers Happen to Thrive
sarah hemar - May 21 2015 10:23:37
Spotify to Now Include Video Streaming
sarah hemar - May 18 2015 14:07:42
The founder of Columbia University's Digital Storytelling Lab gives us an inside look at his work at the University and how the Lab is designing stories for the 21st Century.
sarah hemar - May 18 2015 11:00:19
The natural order of the universe was disrupted yesterday when BuzzFeed, NBC News, the New York Times and a number of other prominent media companies shockingly ceded to Facebook the marketing and monetization of portions of their valuable content. In addition to Facebook, the other frenemy, of course, is Google.
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MIP Markets - May 15 2015 13:40:10
It's a guided tour to the future of TV.
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sarah hemar - May 13 2015 14:30:41
In an interview, the father of nine-year-old toy reviewer EvanTubeHD estimated his family has received $1.3 million from their videos on YouTube.
sarah hemar - May 13 2015 14:15:14
An "experiment" that's going to be very big for the media business. Here's how it works:
Source : recode.net
MIP Markets - May 13 2015 12:10:49
IF IT wasn’t for Germany, the best of Scandinavia’s recent television dramas—“The Killing”, “Wallander”, “The Bridge”—might never have been made....
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