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sarah hemar - Mar 02 2015 11:58:35
Vice Media plans to launch its first female-focused channel, called "Broadly," this spring.
sarah hemar - Feb 27 2015 16:28:19
YouTube was founded on the premise of the individual creator being in control of their work. yet the company is moving away from 'You' in favour of 'Them'
Amandine Cassi - Feb 27 2015 15:28:59

by Stewart Clarke February 27, 2015
Following this week’s Discop Istanbul event, TBI speaks to Turkey’s main distribution companies about how changes in the domestic market are impacting their business, how they are dealing with the challenge of selling into the Middle East and how Turkish drama is becoming hot property in Latin America.

sarah hemar - Feb 27 2015 12:28:55
Peter Koechley talks to the Guardian about slacktivism, commercialising the fastest growing media company of all time and those headlines
sarah hemar - Feb 25 2015 10:05:05
YouTube's favorite German DJ has gone from the Internet to the big screen to TV. Flula Borg, a musician known for his idiosyncratic personality, will star in Cuckoo, an NBC comedy pilot based of a hit BBC Three series.

In the British version of Cuckoo, which debuted in 2012, starred Samberg as an eccentric American hippie whose British girlfriend brings him home to meet her parents. The NBC version will flip the script by casting an American woman opposite Borg, who will portray the unusual hus
sarah hemar - Feb 24 2015 18:32:52
Media companies and creators seem to be entering a new period of confusion, as the financial, technological and consumer behaviors they counted on are changing rapidly.
Source : recode.net
sarah hemar - Feb 23 2015 09:56:53
And the top 100 gaming channels generated more than 6bn views that month, led by PewDiePie, Popular MMOs and Stampy
MIP Markets - Feb 17 2015 16:01:46
Television still sucks up more media spend than any other medium, but digital media has foisted change on the industry.
Source : digiday.com
MIP Markets - Feb 16 2015 14:10:39
Predictions for the future of Google’s online video service, from sports rights and games to co-viewing and voice recognition
sarah hemar - Feb 13 2015 12:43:09
Video startup Zype unveiled its online video platform today, which it says can help publishers grow and monetize their audiences. To be clear, it's not..
MIP Markets - Feb 13 2015 11:04:57
In October 2014, New Form Digital--the studio run by Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Discovery Communications--produced 14 short films across YouTube. Each short was helmed by a different channel or content creator, and the result was a diverse selection that spanned from comedy to horror to sci-fi.

Now, New Form is looking to spotlight ten more filmmaking from the YouTube community and beyond. At Digital Entertainment World, it announced the second round of its Incubator Series and revealed the creators who will participate.

As with the first round of Incubator projects, the list of YouTubers collaborating with New Form is a mixed bag. Some, like Wong Fu Productions and Lisa Schwartz, are hugely successful YouTubers with seven-digit subscriber counts and nine-digit view counts. Others, like Ben Cook and Emily Diana Ruth, run comparatively smaller YouTube operations.

All the participants can be seen in a short teaser video provided by New Form.

These creators will use their individual skills to turn the Incubator Series into a fun, varied showcase that will jump across multiple genres, from stop-motion comedy to sci-fi thriller. As with the first round, there will be a small commonality between all the films: YouTuber Mitchell Davis will have a cameo in each one
sarah hemar - Feb 12 2015 11:12:55
BitTorrent partners with Rapid Eye Studios to find and product original video content, including TV-length original series.
sarah hemar - Mar 02 2015 12:08:29
If you want to interact with real world objects while immersed in a virtual reality, how do you do it?
Amandine Cassi - Feb 27 2015 18:02:22
ITV has confirmed that it is in "exclusive discussions" regarding an acquisition of Talpa Media, producers of The Voice and other global formats.
sarah hemar - Feb 27 2015 16:27:06
As TV content shifts to internet delivery, audiences fragment across screens, creating complexities for distributors, programmers, and advertisers.
sarah hemar - Feb 27 2015 12:34:32
Samsung understands that in order to push VR towards mainstream audiences, you've got to have plenty of content to go with the tech.
MIP Markets - Feb 25 2015 10:31:01
Snapchat is a brand new and red-hot mobile app aimed at millennials, but it has a surprisingly old-fashioned media model — and that could help it take over as television becomes less appealing to advertisers
Source : gigaom.com
MIP Markets - Feb 24 2015 22:43:01
After finding success with a formula for TV-like episodic games, some of which were based on other people’s TV shows, Telltale Games has announced that it will now just start making its own TV shows. Lionsgate—the entertainment company whose television ventures include Mad Men and Orange Is The New
Source : avclub.com
MIP Markets - Feb 24 2015 10:03:26
Since Snapchat Stories have been around for only a year or so, Snapchat celebrities are still a rare breed. Compared to viral Vine stars with their own cross country tour schedules and YouTube creators with their Hollywood deals, Snapchat stars are still building a case for themselves. One such star, Casey Neistat, isn’t new to the…
Source : gigaom.com
sarah hemar - Feb 20 2015 11:06:12
A kids version of YouTube will launch as a free Android app on Monday, February 23. Get the full details here...
sarah hemar - Feb 17 2015 11:19:15
Collective Digital Studio signed seven new creators to its network from YouTube, Vine, and even Snapchat.
MIP Markets - Feb 13 2015 18:37:42
Ten years is a long time on the internet, especially when 300 minutes of video are uploaded to your site every minute. On YouTube’s 10th birthday, we trace the growth and growing pains of online video
MIP Markets - Feb 13 2015 11:19:49
I will start with the +1: DO NOT JUST UPLOAD YOUR TV AD AND USE IT AS A PRE-ROLL - EVER!!!Now that I got that off my chest let me get down to 3 tips to apply once you have realized that you cannot just re-purpose your TVC.1. Decide on one clear strategy (pre-roll vs content)Once you have decided that you want to “do” something on YouTube you need to make one very important first decision:Do you want to create a pre-roll campaign or do you want to engage in content creation?Both of these strategies can be great for YouTube campaigns, but they use very different logics, so it is imp
MIP Markets - Feb 12 2015 15:11:01
Thought you could watch that video on your local hard drive without ads? Think again: A number of owners of Samsung’s smart TVs are reporting this week that their TV sets started to interrupt their movie viewing with Pepsi ads, which seem to be dynamically inserted into third-party content. “Every movie I play 20-30 minutes…
Source : gigaom.com
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