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sarah hemar - Aug 28 2015 11:49:52
Facebook will curb video freebooting with a suite o new tools.
sarah hemar - Aug 27 2015 12:13:16
YouTube Gaming gets its promised summer launch tomorrow, putting in a head-to-head battle with the Amazon-owned living Twitch.
sarah hemar - Aug 26 2015 11:31:52
Viral video purveyor Jukin Media launches a new FailArmy app on the mobile platform Victorious,
MIP Markets - Aug 26 2015 09:40:01
Wall Street's meltdown isn't over yet. On the heels of Monday's wild market swings, stock watchers are predicting the investor enthusiasm that powered the equities surge in recent years is headed f...
Source : variety.com
sarah hemar - Aug 25 2015 15:01:57
Jim Henson had a vision of digital puppetry in the 1980s that is finally coming to fruition.
sarah hemar - Aug 24 2015 12:01:43
A YouTube star shows marketers how great storytelling, a quirky personality, and a DIY ethos can generate huge views – Content Marketing Institute.
MIP Markets - Aug 24 2015 10:08:11
Sure, right now we're spoiled for high-quality shows — but an expert predicts why it might not last
Source : salon.com
MIP Markets - Aug 21 2015 09:40:01
Sales of the Apple TV, which hasn't had a significant update in three years, drop behind streaming-TV box players Roku, Google and -- for the first time -- Amazon.
Source : cnet.com
MIP Markets - Aug 20 2015 14:36:25
A newly-launched South African video-streaming service has the whole country abuzz as locals wait for Netflix to arrive. Called ShowMax, it could derail Netflix’s plans not only in South Africa, but across the African continent. ShowMax is a new division of South African media giant Naspers, whose DStv satellite service is [...]
Source : forbes.com
sarah hemar - Aug 20 2015 12:10:10
The video app is no longer all about sharing. "It's more like the entertainment industry," Jason Mante, Vine's head of UX, tells us.
sarah hemar - Aug 20 2015 10:46:12
Virtual reality has a less-than-obvious problem with how your eyes focus called vergence-accommodation conflict.
Source : wired.com
sarah hemar - Aug 20 2015 10:21:14
Google committed to finally making YouTube profitable.Original, premium long-form content is its chief strategy.Netflix will be challenged strongly once YouTube produces its first big hit.
sarah hemar - Aug 28 2015 12:42:47
This year at Annecy’s MIFA animation marketplace, the conversation about Chinese animation was anything but the same old story.
Source : awn.com
MIP Markets - Aug 28 2015 12:42:28
Comedy writer Armando Iannucci uses the Edinburgh TV Festival's annual MacTaggart Lecture to call for a stout defence of the BBC and British TV.
Source : bbc.com
sarah hemar - Aug 27 2015 12:38:11
Valley Village is located next to North Hollywood, which isn’t very close to Hollywood at all. The Santa Monica Mountains, plus a handful of neighborhoods and freeway exchanges, separate Hollywood...
sarah hemar - Aug 27 2015 12:12:47
Manatt Digital Media's Petery Csathy interviews Mike Rothenberg of River Acceletor about virtual reality's risks and rewards.
MIP Markets - Aug 26 2015 11:06:29
Service aims to help Google-owned video streaming company compete for live gaming audience after it failed to buy market leader
MIP Markets - Aug 25 2015 15:28:58
There has been so much written about the notion that we’re in a "new golden age" of television, and without much elaboration you know the shows they’re talking about – scripted dramas, TV’s version of the films that defined the 1970s, with distinctive characters and bold, compelling, serialized storytelling.
MIP Markets - Aug 25 2015 11:26:53
The streaming service will introduce exclusive films and television series as part of a strategy to position itself as a digital entertainment hub for the postmillennial generation.
Source : nytimes.com
sarah hemar - Aug 24 2015 11:05:47
YouTube Space LA comes of age with visit from CBS' "The Late Late Show with James Corden."
sarah hemar - Aug 21 2015 14:20:14
Neither content nor distribution is enough on its own.
Source : hbr.org
MIP Markets - Aug 20 2015 17:23:12
With more than 400 original series being made this year, it's no surprise the TV industry's top executives long for a simpler era. "There's so much television [now] that you can't guide an audience that would love a show because all of the good gets in the way of the great," FX Networks CEO John Landgraf said when he sat down...
sarah hemar - Aug 20 2015 14:25:24
With a variety of headsets coming in the next year, VR is poised to be a legitimate game changer well beyond games.
sarah hemar - Aug 20 2015 11:32:28
Global streaming site Viki acquires Korean fan-news site Soompi.
sarah hemar - Aug 20 2015 10:23:44
NBC Universal's investments in BuzzFeed and Vox could present an opportunity to expand the company's data-driven ad products.
Source : adage.com
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