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MIP Markets - Apr 09 2015 10:33:37
Google is preparing to launch a YouTube subscription service that will allow users to skip advertisements when watching online videos. In an email sent to the creators of YouTube videos, who get a share of the advertising revenue generated by their
Source : ft.com
sarah hemar - Apr 07 2015 15:39:58
How HBO's quest to win the streaming wars became a binge-worthy drama as juicy as Game of Thrones.
sarah hemar - Apr 07 2015 11:40:27
On the block for several years, Dailymotion owner Orange might have finally found a buyer that the French government approves of.
sarah hemar - Apr 07 2015 10:03:20
Breaking news: Some nerds are going to spend some time hanging out on Twitch. In this case, the nerds in question are the cast members of Silicon Valley, who will take to Amazon's live streaming platform to host a Q&A, play games, and share the first episode of their show's upcoming second season.

Silicon Valley, which follows a group of programmers as they build a file compression algorithm, will return to HBO on April 12th, directly proceeding the season five premiere of Game of Thrones. Four
sarah hemar - Apr 03 2015 14:08:17
Five years after introducing her peppy, semi-supernatural teenage character Sunshine Griffith to the screens of close to 250,000 subscribers around the world, YouTube star Paige McKenzie is bringing the same Sunshine to life-in print. The Haunting of Sunshine Girl arrived on bookstore shelves in March, and McKenzie will soon be swept up in a whirlwind of book signings and book tours for the next several months.
Source : redef.com
sarah hemar - Apr 03 2015 10:26:47
One of Facebook’s experimental apps has just hit the market. Riff, a video app where users can add to each other’s clips, has launched worldwide for free for iOS and Android users in 15 languages.

Riff doesn’t follow the single-creator idea behind video apps like Vine and Instagram. Instead, users create video “threads” based an initial clip’s theme (like “say hi” or “balancing act”). Riff users begin by filming a video of up to 20 seconds in length. Once the video is named, approved, and poste
sarah hemar - Apr 01 2015 18:55:11
Learn how EMC revolutionized its video content into a successful B2B TV platform and how you can improve your brand’s videos – Content Marketing Institute.
MIP Markets - Mar 31 2015 14:08:50
Watching Netflix, RTE Player and BBC Player may soon be possible right across Europe if the European Commission gets its way.
sarah hemar - Mar 31 2015 11:47:59
Vessel is trending in the app store shortly after its iOS debut...will it be able to hold onto this potential momentum in the long run?
sarah hemar - Mar 30 2015 15:25:14
Niche content creators can now truly own their audience by taking advantage of all of the power currently at their fingertips, says Zype CEO Ed Laczynski.
sarah hemar - Mar 30 2015 14:22:24

 #mipBBC 6 Music presenter teams up with former Cosmopolitan editor Sam Baker to create The Pool, featuring content from a wide range of well-known journalists

sarah hemar - Mar 27 2015 10:27:28
At its annual F8 Developers Conference in San Francisco, Facebook announced some upcoming changes to its platform. One of the most significant updates concerns the site's videos, which will now be embeddable on other sites.

Facebook posts that feature videos are already embeddable, but there is currently no way to embed a video a la carte. The new update will change that by enabling users to place Facebook videos across the web.

The decision to update Facebook's video player is part of the sit
sarah hemar - Apr 16 2015 12:55:59
Maker Studios content will soon be available via an on-demand channel on the French pay-TV giant’s subscription streaming service, CanalPlay.
sarah hemar - Apr 09 2015 22:19:53
The game show, exec produced by Mark Burnett (left) and created by Mike Darnell (right), will be previewed in Cannes at an exclusive event to be attended by the duo.
MIP Markets - Apr 08 2015 11:19:46
Online video veteran sees crowdfunding as the answer to his peers’ complaints about YouTube’s low advertising rates
sarah hemar - Apr 07 2015 15:36:35
Snapchat’s Discover feature is giving advertisers millions of video views and a familiar model
sarah hemar - Apr 07 2015 11:40:06
Collective Digital Studio hired Phil Ranta as COO. He comes to CDS from Fullscreen, where he served as VP of network.
sarah hemar - Apr 03 2015 14:11:03
Newly formed movie studio STX Entertainment is the first advertiser to work with Twitter on a campaign that incorporates the live-streaming app Periscope. STX premiered the trailer for its debut film The Gift on Periscope today, which shows the social media platform has already included its recently acquired app in its ad offerings.
Source : adweek.com
sarah hemar - Apr 03 2015 12:09:22
AwesomenessTV founder and CEO Brian Robbins talks about his company's achievements in the past few years as well as what's still to come.
sarah hemar - Apr 02 2015 12:33:03
Michelle Phan is not just a makeup expert; she's also one of the savviest businesswomen in the online video industry. For her latest venture, Phan has launched the ICON Network, a collection of lifestyle content that will be available, among other places, on YouTube, Roku, and several connected TV platforms.

Phan has launched ICON alongside Endemol Beyond, the network she has been partnered with since May 2014. The new venture will feature content from some well-known YouTube influencers, inclu
sarah hemar - Apr 01 2015 15:09:59
Daily Mail, along with 10 other major media companies like Vice and ESPN, operate daily media networks on Snapchat that we populate with…
Source : medium.com
sarah hemar - Mar 31 2015 11:50:24
As the YouTube MCN business evolves, a new generation of verticalized networks might provide the services that the larger, scaled networks aren't able to.
sarah hemar - Mar 30 2015 16:24:09
When it comes to innovation, power, and masterful content marketing, these eight B2B and B2C brands are the ones to watch. Why? So you can learn and imitate.
sarah hemar - Mar 30 2015 15:22:58
Lakeshore Entertainment has launched Off the Dock, a digital studio that wants to produce and acquire films from YouTube talent, starting with KevJumba.
sarah hemar - Mar 27 2015 11:26:48
Today, I saw the future and it is Periscope. The app, which only launched earlier today, had its first moment in the spotlight as an explosion rocked New York City.…
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