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sarah hemar - Oct 30 2014 10:57:46
Richie Rich is coming to Netflix, thanks to a new series from AwesomenessTV.
sarah hemar - Oct 29 2014 11:36:15
Endemol China and Youku Tudou have partnered to launch popular, global reality show "Big Brother" in China.
MIP Markets - Oct 29 2014 10:20:38
Broadcasters should no longer consider themselves broadcasters but instead focus on their role as content producers for a varying range...
Source : thedrum.com
MIP Markets - Oct 28 2014 10:47:30
YouTube's mobile usage is on the rise.
Source : recode.net
sarah hemar - Oct 28 2014 10:27:08
Conde Nast has reshuffled its digital team, moving CNE executive Fred Santarpia to EVP and chief digital officer of all of Conde Nast, among other moves.
MIP Markets - Oct 27 2014 18:08:01
Amazon unveiled the Fire TV Stick, the latest competition to Google's Chromecast.
MIP Markets - Oct 23 2014 10:05:40
A new research note from Gartner has revealed that the huge rise of video on-demand in 2014, driven mainly by Netflix and Amazon, may be somewhat understated.
MIP Markets - Oct 22 2014 10:55:54
The 100 most popular YouTube gaming channels were watched nearly 4.4bn times in September 2014. By Stuart Dredge
Joanna KIRK - Oct 13 2014 14:57:43
Today Netflix updated its ISP-shaming speed index, revealing that average streaming speeds for Verizon FiOS customers rose 31.5 percent last month to 3.17 Mbps during peak hours, up from 2.41 Mbps ...
sarah hemar - Oct 10 2014 10:52:43
Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey made headlines when he agreed to star in the Netflix original series House of Cards—and then made even more headlines when the critically acclaimed show began winning Emmy's and Golden Globes.
Source : adweek.com
sarah hemar - Oct 08 2014 18:50:06
PepsiCo's Frank Cooper III recenty spoke about the company's digital video strategy, revealing their particular model for branded content online.
sarah hemar - Oct 07 2014 12:13:38
As YouTube starts funding original content, the site has structured its content division, which includes Next New Networks founder Tim Shey.
sarah hemar - Oct 31 2014 12:26:09
As billionaire Jack Ma browses Hollywood for movies and TV shows, he may discover that part of what he needs is actually in his backyard.
sarah hemar - Oct 30 2014 12:34:41
While many former studio heads fail when striking out on their own, Mr. Chernin has found success as an independent producer, with seven hits in a row.
Source : nytimes.com
sarah hemar - Oct 29 2014 11:40:18
Whistle Sports, a sports-focused digital media company and YouTube MCN, has raised $7 million from BSkyB, and will work with the broadcaster on new content.
sarah hemar - Oct 29 2014 11:35:24
Select films from Cinedigm, starting with the latest "My Little Pony" release, will be available for purchase on Vimeo on an ongoing basis.
MIP Markets - Oct 28 2014 16:41:22
The man famous for street-prank Vines says he refused a seven-figure advertising deal to stay true to his ideals and travel the world .
MIP Markets - Oct 28 2014 10:29:38
This story first appeared in the Oct. 31 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.
The solipsism of the tech community sees the CBS and HBO migr...
MIP Markets - Oct 28 2014 10:08:24
Brand marketing habits are changing in Facebook's favor—at least when it comes to posting and playing videos—part of the social giant's grand video plans.
Source : adweek.com
MIP Markets - Oct 23 2014 14:12:01
Change is coming to the pay-TV business. It's going to be a bloodbath — and not everyone will survive.
MIP Markets - Oct 22 2014 14:52:01
A 20-second trailer for the movie "Ouija" that ended with a terrifying shriek was viewed by millions of people on Snapchat last weekend in what a Universal Pictures executive called a satisfying first run at advertising on the messaging app.
Source : latimes.com
sarah hemar - Oct 15 2014 11:55:16
DramaFever, a video streaming service specializing in international TV shows and movies, will soon join the SoftBank family.
sarah hemar - Oct 10 2014 13:08:03
Jason Kilar's new stealth startup, Vessel, has started pitching advertisers on its short-form video service.
MIP Markets - Oct 09 2014 15:30:01
London, 8 October 2014: From Dr Who on the loo to Downton at your desk, new research into how we watch TV has discovered the extent to which the UK’s TV viewing is travelling beyond the living room and taking our favourite shows into every corner of our lives.
Source : thinkbox.tv
sarah hemar - Oct 07 2014 12:14:20
Hank Green's ad rates look great on YouTube, and he wanted to share them with you.
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