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Infographic: 50% of TV isn’t watched on TV

The TV ecosystem is changing fast: this snazzy pre-MIPCube infographic aims to help make more sense of the industry's present & future...


TV has come a long way in the past 80 years: and the rate of evolution has accelerated so quickly since the 1990s, that even the term “watching TV” has become almost irrelevant: 284 million people, or nearly 50% of US viewers, don’t watch TV on the television, but on the internet, via timeshifting, or on their mobile phones.

The infographic’s other Nielsen & emarketer.com-sourced insights include:

60% of people who multitask whilst watching TV do so on social media

41% of consumers own an HD and/or 3D TV, and 46% intend to purchase one

$800m was spent on social games like Farmville in 2012.

This and more in this exclusive infographic, which you can consult in full below, and in full size here: the perfect way to get ready for an action-packed MIPCube! (more info & registration details here). Hurrah!

Infographic design by Lorena Guerra, ellohdesign.com

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